Economic Activity – P5 Project

On October 6, 2023. The Primary 5 students (P5A, P5B, P5C) of Amore Prime School held supporting program activities relating to economic activities in the school environment by playing roles, this is the implementation of “5P: (Proyek Penguatan Profil Pelajar Pancasila) which aims to observe and resolve problems around us through five main aspects, namely: self-potential, self-empowerment, self-improvement, self-understanding, and social role.

We all carry out economic activities in our daily lives, whether as producers, distributors, or consumers. These activities are carried out by people to fulfill their daily needs like farming, gardening, opening a stall or shop, or buying an item.

In general, economic activities are divided into 3, namely Production, Distribution, and Consumption. Production, aims to make goods or add value to an item, such as table craftsmen and farmers. Distribution, is an activity carried out by someone to sell or distribute goods until they reach the hands of consumers such as stalls or markets. Consumption, is an activity carried out by someone to use or spend goods.

From the economic activities mentioned above, these activities will interact directly with nature and with other people so a person is required to have the ability to manage nature and to build relationships with other people.

To provide real understanding and experience to the students regarding economic activities, the students were invited to play roles to directly  observe and experience by becoming chefs, cashiers, sellers, sales marketing, receptionists, and waiters.

They all served according to their respective roles. The chefs fried potatoes, sausages, and nuggets. The seller sold items such as chocolates, candies, wafers and many more.

For the consumers, the students from other classes came to the food stalls and bought goods with the prices that have been determined.

Apart from that, the P5 students also had the opportunity to be consumers. They bought the goods from other stalls.

This role-playing activity made the students understood  economic activities more easily. They were also very enthusiastic in carrying out their respective roles.

The students are now looking forward to the next Supporting Program Activities.

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